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Working, hull cleaning and Handling operations

The working and hull cleaning area is accessible only upon a confirmed booking for Port customers and non Port customers with motor boats up to 11 metres long and max 5mt. Is supplied with mains water and electricity and working and hull cleaning cradles. Caters for all types of maintenance and work and is in conformance with all environmental requirements :

• All cleaning water is recuperated, treated and recycled
• All used oil is collected, treated and recycled
• Soiled waste products are sorted, treated and recycled.

You can either carry out any required maintenance work yourself, or use the services of the various boat repair and marine specialists on site (consult the list of companies) or nearby.


Working, hull cleaning and Handling operations rates


Length Boat lifting and launching * Trailer loading or unloading * Engine removal and fitting Fixed price ** delivery to and return from working and hull cleaning area Working and hull cleaning area rental rates
Up to 6 meters 70 € 70 € 50 € 30 € 34 €
From 6 To 8 meters 80 € 90 € 60 € 35 € 44 €
From 8 To 10 meters 100 € 120 € 70 € 40 € 54 €
From 10 To 12 meters 120 € 160 € 90 € 60 € 84 €


Tax-Inclusive Public Rates as at 1 December 2017

Fixed price inclusive of water, electricity and boat chocks.

Daily Tax-Inclusive Rate, inclusive of Eco-Tax, handling operations not included.


Other than boat launching and lifting, and placing the boat in the working and hull cleaning areas, our boat hoist operators can, subject to a confirmed booking, provide boat loading and unloading services for a trailer or flatbed truck. They can also provide engine removal and fitting services.


Working and hull cleaning internal rules and regulations

Before any handling operations, the Customer must :

• Obtain a « ticket » from the Port Office
• Raise all engine flaps and sockets
• Move all accessories which could hinder the handling operations

After the handling operations, the Customer must :

• Never modify the cradles and chocks used to support the boat
• Always respect Security and Safety guidelines
• Only park vehicles in the designated parking areas outside the Port Area

During handling operations, the Customer must :

• Assist with all handling operations as required
• Never go underneath a hoisted boat
• Not take children or animals into the working and hull cleaning area
• Never stand underneath or on a boat which is being hoisted or is already hoisted

At the end of the handling operations and work, the Customer must :

• Clean the area they have been using
• Dispose of all waste products in the containers provided

In no event will the company Port Inland be liable for any incident or accident caused by non compliance with these internal rules and regulations.