Port Inland

Leading dry dock port

in Europe

The Port

PORT INLAND has a capacity of 800 berths for motorised boats up to 5mt, for monthly or yearly stays.

As most of the traditional marinas along the coast are completely full, PORT INLAND provides a secured quality alternative, which is both cheaper and more ecological.

Perfectly integrated into its green environment between sea and hills, the Port is not simply a dormitory for your boat, but a working Port from where you can sail every day of the year.

Among the Port’s other advantages are that you don’t need a trailer, and the return journey along the river Siagne not only washes and rinses the hull and engine, but also helps reduce working and hull cleaning and antifouling treatments, as well as the risks of hull wear and tear and osmosis.

On top of that your boat is safe and secure against bad weather.

On-site you will find all the necessary specialists and skilled workers involved with recreational boating, as well as having the possibility of working on your boat yourself in a special area reserved for such activities.

Upon arrival
at PORT INLAND you should report to the Port Office and ask for your boat to be launched. A few minutes later you can start sailing.

When you return
from your sea trip, you can simply wash the boat down and leave, without waiting for it to be returned to its storage berth.

Port berth rates

Categories Length Overall Yearly rates in Euros  ** Monthly rates in Euros
Max. length Max. width Max. height. From 01/05 to 30/09 From 01/10 to 30/04
1 6,00 2,40 1,80 1 510 € 325 € 230 €
2 7,00 2,80 2,80 1 970 € 415 € 290 €
3 8,00 2,90 2,90 2 540 € 515 € 360 €
4 9,00 3,00 3,20 2 950 € 610 € 430 €
5 * 10,00 3,30 3,40 3 490 € 815 € 510 €
6 * 11,00 3,70 3,90 4 880 € 960 € 650 €

Tax-Inclusive Public Rates as at 1 December 2016 . Our rates are reviewed each year on 1 December.

* For boats over 4mt please consult Management
** Reserved only for yearly contracts

Including one launching and lifting operation per day. Only boat hoist operators have the authority to accept or refuse the storage of a boat. The use of boat berths in Port Inland is payable in full in advance.

The Length Overall includes the length of the boat, the stern and the rear extremity of the engine.

We accept all types of boat except :

• Sail boats,
• Wooden boats,
• Catamarans,
• Engines with a propeller drive shaft,
• Jet skis and sea scooters.

Handling operations which must be carried out by the owner/customer prior to the boat being lifted from the water :

• Raise all sockets,
• Raise all flaps,
• Fold down all aerials,
• Protect or remove any accessories which could get in the way.

In no event will the company PORT INLAND be liable for any incident or accident caused by non compliance with handling operations guidelines.

In no event will the company PORT INLAND be liable for any incident or accident caused by non compliance with handling operations guidelines.

The customer must move them or assume full liability for any incident or accident.

Security/Safety Guidelines

For obvious security and safety reasons, vehicle access is prohibited and pedestrian access is limited and regulated. It is important to :
• Respect passing zones by paying attention to the movements of boat hoist vehicles as they ALWAYS HAVE PRIORITY over other vehicles.
NEVER stand underneath or on a boat which is being hoisted or is already hoisted.
• Children must be supervised at all times. Always hold hands with small children.
• Dogs must be kept on a lead.

It is STRICTLY PROHIBITED to manipulate fuel in the washing zones, the working and hull cleaning zones and anywhere inside the port area.
Using jerrycans to fill fuel tanks is only permitted in the pontoon area where SMOKING IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED.


Port Opening Times

9am 5pm
9am 5pm
8am 6pm
8am 6pm
8am 7pm
8am 7pm
8am 8pm
8am 8pm
8am 7pm
8am 6pm
9am 5pm
9am 5pm

N.B. Management may occasionally change opening times due to weather conditions.

The Port Office is closed from 12 noon to 2pm and after 6pm, but boat hoist operators will be available on-site to execute your storage operations.

The Port Office is OPEN NON STOP from 8am to 6pm during JULY and AUGUST.