Port Inland

Leading dry dock port

in Europe

The team

PORT INLAND is managed by Mrs Erika Drouard – ed@port-inland.com



Our hostesses will be happy to welcome you, answer any questions you might have and establish your contracts.
They can also give advice and information concerning the organisation and running of the port,  opening hours, rates and the availability of berths, as well as the necessary documents required to take care of you boat, such as :

• Boat navigation log book or circulation card
• Current valid insurance certificate
• Authorisations for professionals and other people to have access to your boat.


They can also organise your booking for the washing area or the working and hull cleaning area. The Port Office also :

• Posts details of private and professional boat sales
• Has a cold drinks vending machine
• Posts and provides daily weather bulletins

• Provides information concerning boat repair and marine specialists
• Provides regional tourist and cultural information.




FABIEN, GREGORY, NICOLAS, CEDRIC and CYRIL, are all specialists in their fields. When authorised by a Hostess, they carry out the handling operations you require.



Present in the pontoon area during the summer to help you make fast your boat, and load and unload your material.